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Commercial air conditioning

Total Air has been responsible for the maintenance of commercial HVAC systems from the very beginning. Many of our clients are Property Managers and Facility Managers, as well as corporations and government bodies.

The premises we service on their behalf include high-rise buildings, corporate facilities, retail branches, industrial estates and numerous others.

Whilst our principal activity - air conditioning service and maintenance - is central to our services, we believe that there are some important managerial and technical capabilities when it comes to the provision of services to corporate clients;
  • Contract management Whether it’s the maintenance of a large number of retail sites for the one client, the management and supervision of a number of specialist sub-contractors, or frequent service visits to a large industrial facility, there is the need to manage the maintenance activities at a competent level. The scheduled maintenance must be carried out at the right time to the right equipment, it must be documented and the whole process adequately supervised. To help us, we use an integrated computerised service and maintenance system, which has the added advantage of detailed site and work information at the click of a button. A number of our clients use their own online work scheduling system, as well as very specific reporting requirements which we comply to and incorporate into our procedures.

  • Information and communication We believe that the availability of information on work performed, equipment condition and expenditure, is all part of good maintenance management. Similarly, clear communication between the client and service provider is essential. To achieve this, we provide regular feedback and condition reports, as well as regular meetings to discuss any concerns, review performance and KPIs, provide recommendations as well as to explore new ways to improve the equipment’s performance and the provision of our services.

  • Safety and insurances We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously. Risks are identified and managed, and we are fully OH&S compliant. Furthermore, our policies, licence and insurance details are kept up-to-date and made available on-line.

  • Fast breakdown service Whilst recognising the importance of management, we are fully focussed on our main role - professional maintenance and fast breakdown service, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Using a priority system, we are able to attend to any breakdown fast, carry out the necessary repairs and restore comfort conditions without delay. The work area is left clean and tidy, and the appropriate documentation completed and submitted, as required. Read more about our breakdown service

  • Preventative Maintenance This is our principal activity and typically the basis of any service agreement with our clients. The aim of good maintenance is to ensure optimum performance from the equipment, prevent any breakdowns and extend the life of the equipment. It also needs to be cost effective. Our maintenance procedures are based on industry best practice with consideration to manufacturers’ recommendations, regulations and our own experience gained from years of maintaining and repairing HVAC equipment.
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